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Kanger Mini Protank 2 Starter Kit

  • Mini Protank Starter Kit
  • Evod Battery with Mini Protank
  • Standard Kanger eVod Batteries
  • Kanger eVod Twist Battery
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$24.99 (You save $25.00)

Product Description

Mini Protank Starter Kit

All the hardware you need to get started in the world of e-cigarettes! Just fill the Mini Protank 2 up with e-liquid and you're ready to go!


What's included in the kit?

1 x Kanger Protank Mini 2 V2 Clearomizer ( 1 x Protank Assembly, 1 x Pyrex Glass Tank, 2 x Protank Coils, 1 x Stainless Steel Drip Tip)

2 x Kanger eVod 1000/950mAh Batteries or Kanger eVod 650mAh eVod Twist Variable Voltage Batteries 

1 x eVod/eGo Charger (Wall plug & USB)

This kit does not contain any e-liquid, however, we do sell e-liquid separately, click here to see our selection!


Protank Features:

  • Replaceable atomizer coils 
  • Easy to disassemble for convenient cleaning
  • Pyrex glass tank which won't be damaged or clouded by harsh e-liquids
  • 1.5ml Capacity
  • Bottom coil design
  • eGo Thread


Standard eVod Battery Features:
  • 510 Thread
  • eGo Thread
  • 3.7v Constant Output
  • 5 Click On/Off System
  • White Button LED
  • 1000/950mAh Capacity
  • Removable Control Unit (eVod-C only)
Upgrade - 650mAh eVod Twist Variable Voltage Battery Features:
  • Variable voltage from 3.2v to 4.8v 
  • 510 Thread
  • eGo Thread
  • 5 Click On/Off System
  • White Button LED
  • 650mAh Capacity
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Product Reviews

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  1. I still haven't found a better pen

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Jun 2015

    I bought a sub ohm tank and everything but when I'm at work, sitting at my desk, I NEED A PEN! This is the kit I started on probably about a year ago and I still haven't found anything better. So I bought another one and I am still happy with it :)

  2. Perfect for the beginner

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Sep 2014

    I got this a few days ago. It was my first experience with an ecig, and I am satisfied in every way. If you are looking for a starter kit, look no further. This has everything you need except the liquid.

  3. Still the best

    Posted by Rob on 12th Aug 2014

    Follow up review from 2/14/14. Started my vaping experience back in February with this kit, here at Quality. Since then, I've bought larger & expensive tanks thinking I was "upgrading". Not so! The Kanger mini pro, single coil, is still my best tank all around. Simple & rugged, the coils are cheap & easy to rebuild (YouTube). I would suggest paying extra for the 650 VV batteries. They don't have the life of the 1000 mAh, but being able to adjust voltage for the type of juice you're using is worth it. I have spent $100's on vaping equipment since February, yet my mini pro tank is the one I have with me all the time. I did feel the draw was a little tight, so I drilled out one of the air holes a little larger. Hits like a monster now. Ben @ Quality is a stand up guy (I had a battery issue). If you're a newbie, you've found the right kit from the right company...here.

  4. Kanger Mini Protank Starter Kit is great, and I got very quick shipping as well!

    Posted by Daniel on 27th Jun 2014

    I like my ecig to be simple and reliable, and that's just what the Mini Protank Starter Kit gave me. I've learned you have to tighten the coil into the middle thingy nice and tight before you screw the battery on tight. Otherwise, the coil will be loose. But apart from that, it's pretty foolproof, and it NEVER leaks, and always delivers a smooth reliable vape. I love it! I also appreciate that this seller always fulfills its guarantee of same-day shipping if ordered by 3pm and doesn't try and substitute knock-off brands for genuine Kanger products, like others try and do. Great product with great service at good prices -- I'm a Quality-Vapor customer for the long term.

  5. I' love this thing

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jun 2014

    It's effective, It's simple, and it's a good size.
    The mini protank 2 disassembles completely for easy cleaning and when the coils eventually wear out, they are simple and not too expensive to replace. While you do have to take the tank off for a refill, it's not a hassle. The Evod VV battery charges pretty quickly and lasts a good while. You just twist the voltage at the bottom to find the sweet spot between Blah and burnt toast. It provides a good reasonable cost option between blister packs and the super expensive mods. I'm happy with it, very happy.

  6. Such an Improvement

    Posted by Keith on 21st May 2014

    I started vaping several weeks ago and I hate myself that I hadn't started sooner. I had picked up an Atmos RX Optimus RX 510 kit kit but this Kanger blows that out of the water. Battery life on the Atmos unit I bought initially was good, but ended up lasting maybe a day, but if I was out with friends, it didn't last but maybe 3-4 hrs. The battery lost its power very quickly with heavier use. My friends who also vape told me I just needed to upgrade to a Kanger as they have had wonderful luck with theirs. One problem with the Atmos unit was that it was not easily able to be cleaned, but I can already tell this Kanger will be much better and will let me perform better maintenance. With the Atmos, I would have eventually just had to buy a new top for it. I should have just spent the extra $$ when I first decided and got this instead of the Atmos kit. Thats a great little unit to start, but its just not something that will give you long usage. But hey atleast with the Atmos I have a backup if necessary. Get this Kanger and you will not regret it.

  7. Way better than the generic brands

    Posted by Kevin on 7th Apr 2014

    Bought an ECG brand, and the battery died (as in could no longer hold a charge) in two weeks. This one's going string.

  8. Exactly as advertised

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2014

    Excellent starter kit, genuine Kanger parts unlike many places that say genuine Kanger and deliver a clone or lookalike. I was very impressed with the service and fast shipping. Have placed a second order from this site and will be using it for all my Kanger purchases.

    The Batteries:
    Everything you would expect from a Kanger product, they work great!

    The Charger: If this is your first Kanger battery and charger, do not fully tighten the battery to the charger, screw it in slowly until the led on the battery blinks, and the led on the charger turns from blue to red.

    The Mini Protank 2: The removable drip tip is stainless steel and well made, if metal is not your thing, it is easy to replace.

    The tank is great quality and well built, its built to last for a long time, but if something should happen, all the parts are replaceable, so no need to buy a new one. This is one of my favorite tanks for on the go.

    Overall: great product, great service, fast shipping. And unlike many places, they have made a loyal costumer out of me and will be ordering all my Kanger supplies from here.

  9. Great, easy to setup and use

    Posted by Spencer on 5th Mar 2014

    This was the second ever purchase I've made in regards to vaping. The first was a Buck Naked Express I bought from a convenience store. Being my first vape, I didn't know what to expect. Within a week or so, the glass tank had cracked somehow and continued to leak all over my clothes, couch, car, wherever. The mouthpiece would come unscrewed sometimes as well. Overall, I just didn't have a good experience.

    This Kanger Mini Protank starter kit is the complete opposite from it. I could tell right away that it was of higher quality based on the feel of the glass tank, as well as the rubberized texture of the battery. The setup was a bit more complex than the pictures showed, so I went online to find a setup video which was very helpful.

    After about 1-2 weeks of use, everything is working exactly as I had hoped. I also got the 650 mAh eVod Twist battery, which is really nice. I'm a light smoker, so I only take about 15-25 puffs per day; but the battery has yet to die in that time period (I never turn it off). The adjustable voltage is a nice option as I can kind if fine tune how much vapor I actually want per puff.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. I would definitely recommend this starter kit of anyone is new to vaping and is looking for a place to start.

  10. 1000mAh eVod is worth the money

    Posted by Steve on 3rd Mar 2014

    This was my first e-cig and probably the best introductory product for a total noob like myself. There's a lot to cover here, so I'll work my way back from battery to mouthpiece.

    While in hindsight I should have opted for the Twist, the battery lasts quite a while. Upon arrival, I was excited to try all my flavors and, to my pleasant surprise, the battery had at least a partial charge out of the box. The battery gave a good two days of ludicrous use before giving out. Even then, I've got another.

    Middle Thing
    There are three tiny air intake holes and while they allow adequate airflow, they tend to whistle. It's not very noticeable - definitely not audible to anyone but the user.

    Coil Heads
    I took recommendation from another user about the coils and I'm glad I did. Buy a pack of 1.8 ohm coils with your order. The Protank kit comes with a 1.8 ohm and a 2.2 ohm. The 2.2 doesn't give me very much flavor and very little vapor clouds. Also, to avoid getting a nasty shock in the back of your throat that can only be described as burning death on your first hit, make sure you let the wick soak up some juice. Don't jump the gun; you will regret it immediately.

    While I don't have anything to compare it to, I can't find anything wrong with it at all. It does exactly what it's supposed to. I'm glad I opted for the glass tank instead of plastic. Some websites warn which e-juices will damage plastic tanks and you'd be surprised how many that is. Not to mention, most of those damaging flavors taste the best. The space where the juice goes (between the air hole and the tank wall) is a little small for some applicators but if you get some juice in the air hole, just blow through it over a sink so you don't get it in your mouth.

    The mouthpiece is solid- er... metal. I'm not sure which metal, but who cares? Anyway, you've all touched metal before so there's no surprises here. Careful not to bump your teeth.

    Sometimes holding the button down until the automatic shutoff will provide an unpleasant burning taste. The mouthpiece and the middle thing between the tank and battery get pretty hot, but not enough to burn. Neither of these issues would dissuade me from purchasing this product again.

    All-in-all, I would absolutely recommend this kit to anybody getting into the vaping world wanting a pen-style battery.

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